Let Me Read Your Future

Let me read your future

Want a fun way to remember your future? 
What better way than having your reading summed up by a song?
I’ve grown up around The Tarot, learning how to read the cards from my gram. I leaned how to DJ from my pop. So, now I’m traveling the world and honoring them both!

My reading format is like this

  • Your one Question: Whatever you want love, money, career, the goat from down the way
  • My one card answer: What the universe guides me to tell you. In one handy tarot card. (usually I’ll give the keywords but, sometimes my guide gets mouthy so I *may* have more insight.
  • Your song: The song which best sums up, or helps give you an easy to easy to remember “guidepost” lyric.

Try this super fun tarot today!