Neon Hitch

Neon Hitch 24:00

I enjoy promoting women making music. Doing what they love, I’m here for it. 100% always forever.I heard about Neon because I love Amy Winehouse. However I am later (perhaps) to the party. I was intrigued seeing her pop up on my You Tube Recommends. (Mostly because it’s always questionable) 

“On The Run” is musically speaking simple but hypnotic, and seeks to tell a story. The story of Neon’s ancestors. (I get that vibe.) “London Bitch” introducing us to Neon herself. Neon pulls no punches, and puts no airs, in her part of London you may want to bring a bat with you. 

“Wake Me When It’s Over” starts off as you’d think, with a Scarface clip. It’s epic. As someone wired to think entirely too much about music. I love theatrics, and easter eggs, and when there’s more to something.
(honestly, music done properly tells a story.) this song talks of gunshots.
“Get Me High” Neon, girl…. 
you sound like Amy. and thing…is good. It talks about what says, something I’ve got to give her props for. Thank you for being honest.  I want to just play this song on repeat.
“Back Against The Wall”  It is a working class plight song. Except don’t forget, it’s more up in the club than out pub these days. “Lost At Sea” is a ballad to end this rather short but powerful EP.
You have to honestly take in the whole EP at least once, I think its meant to tell a more complete story.